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3MD is known as the premier moving resource for law firms, large and small.

Our white glove service helps you plan the move, office by office, to ensure that the partners’ and associates’ furniture, files and technologies are mirrored in the new location – so they get walk out of one space one day and into their new space the very next morning and get back to work immediately. As if nothing happened.

You likely know that, in Chicagoland, the largest law firms trust 3MD above all to move their offices across the hall or across town. What you might now know is that we’re the moving choice for smaller firms as well, even single shingles! Law firms trust 3MD because they know that attorneys can be particular and that lost time post-move can be as expensive as the move itself.

When moving law offices, our experts utilize specialized equipment to fully protect your belongings and furniture. We provide specific methods to secure and safely move critical information. We also provide dedicated project management to closely work with the staff.

  • White Glove Restack Services
  • Legal Library
  • High Density Filing
  • Common Area Filing
  • Partner Offices
  • War Rooms
  • Paralegal
  • Decommissions
  • Support Staff