Additional Services


Our team of experienced Project Managers and nationwide network of specialized service providers allow us to provide our clients with a full range of relocation planning, packing, installation, equipment, and disposal services.


Our team of Project Managers has the knowledge and experience to plan and execute any possible move scenario. We will take your project from conception to fruition. We will conduct a project cost analysis, assist the management staff with budget meetings and coordinate individual employee move preparedness seminars. We will define and address all employee responsibilities and 3MD responsibilities. Instruction, implementation and consistent support from all 3MD employees will assure your move is cohesive and successful.


3MD Relocation Services offer a diverse range of services relative to furniture installation, inventory and project management. If you are planning on reusing your existing office furniture in your new facility or purchasing new furniture, 3MD Relocation Services have the ability to help you design, reconfigure, install electrical wiring and data cabling to fit your needs and budget. Whether your furniture is new or used, we can provide the services to capture all of your requirements.


Packing and unpacking services are ideal for companies that need to focus on billable hours, or want to provide a white glove relocation experience for their staff.

We offer packing/unpacking services for all areas of your facility, including: offices, cubicles, supply rooms, common areas, files, libraries, kitchens and closets. Moving labels are printed with pre-mapped locations to facilitate an error free process.


We provide disconnect/reconnect services for all office hardware, including computers, printers, copiers and telephones. IT connection solutions are integrated into the overall move plan.

Dedicated technicians document and label all electronics prior to packing and relocation. Small items such as keyboards, mice and cords are bagged. On arrival, our technicians inventory, unpack, reconnect and test all the equipment to ensure it’s operational.


Our team of Project Managers can assist in the planning and removal of all unwanted office items. This service can encompass a wide range of services, including furniture, electronics, data cabling, and debris. We have many solutions, and through our strategic partnerships, we may find someone interested in your items that may offer something to offset your costs.


We provide a range of specialized bin options for each type of waste, and offer pickup and delivery on a scheduled or as needed basis. Shredding services include secured bin options, and can be performed onsite or offsite.

We manage the safe disposal and recycling of electronics in compliance with regulatory requirements. Certificates of electronic recycling can be provided for each load so clients may retain documentation of legal disposal.


We provide the following items on a rental basis: Dollies, speed paks, half paks, Rental crates, library carts, panel carts

We provide the following items for purchase: Boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, labels, pre-printed labels, paper pads, shrink wrap, painter’s tape, duct tape, chair covers, sofa covers, wardrobe boxes, computer bags, security ties, pallets, koroflex wall protection, and carpet protection rolls


We can handle any custom packing and crating of high value items. Our crews can provide these services at our facility or directly onsite at your facility, depending on the type of services required. Large or small, let our professionals relieve the stress and anxiety that is caused by packing high value items.

We can show you how experience and knowledge can reduce your overall expenses. We can provide a certificate of shredding services.


Commercial moving is our core business, and 3MD Relocation Services has the experience, capability, and commitment to handle any type of move.


These days every company, no matter the size, has technology logistics needs when it comes to
relocating. Few organizations have the internal resources to manage all the IT complexities involved
in efficiently getting an office back up and running.


Our warehouse facility is strategically located in the central corridor of the Chicago area with easy access to all major toll ways, expressways and highways. Our facility is a total of 400,000 square feet and we currently occupy 70,000 square feet of high bay racked storage. We have 16 internal truck dock bays, which allow us to cross-dock your belongings without having to expose your product to the ever-changing Chicago weather. Our facility is climate controlled with a wet sprinkler system and 24 hour monitoring for fire and security. (DOA License #500298)